JRA Cup results play an important part in informing punters’ decisions for much of the remainder of the Spring Racing Carnival. Due to the impressive calibre of horses which appear in the JRA Cup results, it’s clear that this race carries considerable importance in form calculation. JRA Cup winners almost always go on to continuing successful careers.

As the race is open and many of its prior participants are still active, you can use this table to help with placing a wager at on this year’s JRA Cup!

The JRA Cup winners are listed below, along with the second and third results. All years are listed, as the race has only been run since 2006.

JRA Cup Results

Year Winner 2nd 3rd Time
2017 Jon Snow Ecuador Boom Time 2:07.12
2016 Real Love Sir John Hawkwood Volkhere 2:00.96
2015 Escado Magnapal Velox 2:05.88
2014 The Cleaner Sangster Mourinho 2:05.99
2013 Mourinho Gris Caro The Great Snowman 2:06.1
2012 Bianmick Dance With Her Ironstein 2:06.7
2011 Dream Pedlar Carnero Domesky 2:08.7
2010 Precedence Rainbow Styling Linton 2:05.31
2009 Alcopop Field Hunter Shocking 2:08.4
2008 Cefalu Majestical Devil Moon 2:05.9
2007 Maldivian Pacino Master O’Reilly 2:05.8
2006 Pavlova Spinney Delvecchio 2:07.0